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Buying Process

1. Define basic requirements:

Size and layout Expansion requirements Down payment available Mortgage terms desired Image and quality Geographical area Intangibles Goals and assumptions 7 to 14 days – See more at:

2. Preliminary Analysis:

Preliminary market survey Sales comparables report Estimated mortgage calculations Proforma cash flow analysis Lease vs. buy analysis 7 to 14 days – See more at:

3. Selection / strategy with support team:

Attorney CPA or Financial Advisor Space Planner Mortgage Broker Interior Design (if desired) 3 to 14 days – See more at:

4. Determine alternatives available:

General market knowledge of “deals” available Search of database / Commercial MLS Verification of terms and conditions Present list 7 to 90 days – See more at:

5. Narrow down alternatives:

Inspection tours of likely alternatives Selection of 3 – 5 best alternatives Preliminary space planning of best alternatives Selection of top alternatives 7 to 14 days – See more at:

6. Analysis of alternatives:

Financial analysis Layout efficiencies Intangibles and goal analysis 1 to 7 days – See more at:

7. Final selection:

Choose top alternative Establish terms required Prepare and present Purchase and Sale Agreement Counter offer as necessary 7 to 90+ days – See more at:

8. Contingency Period:

Review and note time requirements Hire appropriate services Do detailed inspections Finalize financing Make appropriate applications Remove contingencies in a timely fashion 15 to 90 days – See more at:

9. Closing: Escrow Checklist:

1 to 7 days – See more at:

10. Tenant improvement or Renovation:

Monitor progress Report progress Final walk through check 0 to 90 days Total Time Required 55 to 430+ days Realistic Time Frame 120 to 180 days – See more at: