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Shelly Lava

Shelly LavaShelly Lava joined M.C. O’Brien in 1997. Shelly has been a constant figure in our company, as property manager, Shelly is in daily communication with owners, insurance agents, brokers, and contractors. There isn’t a conflict to which Shelly can’t find a resolution for.

She acts as a mediator to any situation that may arise between owner/tenant, suppliers and contractors.

Shelly enjoys the landscape that this world has to offer. She relishes in the smells of the oceans and immerses herself in the beauty of nature. Shelly says “the world is full of beauty, only you have the ability to find it”.

Ms. Lava graduate from Midwood High School in Brooklyn, New York. She later obtained her Real Estate License and has been serving the Brooklyn community for countless years and continues to in a professional and familiar atmosphere.