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Malcolm Newman, CRE

Malcolm NewmanFor nearly 50-years Mal Newman has been in the business of real estate:

  • As a NYS licensed real estate broker facilitating sale and lease transactions for income producing real estate;
  • As a Counselor of Real Estate (CRE), a coveted commercial real estate designation attained by only 1,200 individuals worldwide, furnishing unbiased professional advice for a range of straightforward to complex issues regarding the operating and maintenance of income producing real estate, and the options of acquiring, financing or disposing of parcels or interests in them, to mention a few;
  • As a NYS Certified General Real Estate Appraiser furnishing valuations for government, lenders, attorneys, CPAs, owner occupants, and individuals on multiple dwellings, retail and office property, industrial parcels, institutional, medical and health related premises, churches and community centers, special purpose property, and vacant land throughout New York City and Long Island; and as a reviewer of appraisal reports for the U.S. Attorney, lenders, and others;
  • As a principal in metro New York operating multiple dwellings, commercial and retail property, and industrial lofts;
  • As a managing agent in metro New York caretaking property for other client/owners;

21-years ago Mal was invited by his friend, Michael C. O’Brien, Jr., to take a desk at M. C. O’Brien, Inc. In his humble opinion, it has been an honor to be associated with the good name of M.C. O’Brien.