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Please take the time to browse some of the federal, state and local websites and applications below that we feel can be helpful to you when making your real estate decisions.

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  • Society of Industrial & Office Realtors (SIOR)
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  • International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
  • New York State Commercial Association of Realtors (NYSCAR)
  • Brooklyn Board of Realtors (BBOR)
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  • Retail, Office & Schools: C1 & C2 Overlays, C7, C8
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  • Single Family Homes: R1-1 & R1-2, R2, R2A, R2X, R3-1, R3-2, R3A
  • Single & Two Family: R4-1, R4-1A, R4A, R4B, R4INFILL, R5A
  • Large Single & Small Multifamily: R5, R5B, R5D, R5INFILL
  • Traditional Row Homes: R6B, R8B
  • Standard Style Apartment Buildings: R6A
  • Large Apartment Buildings:
    R7-1 & R7-2, R7A, R7B, R7D, R7X, R8A, R8X, R9, R9A, R9X, R10A, R10X
Private Offices Dimensions Quantity Square Feet
CEO/Director 20 x 15
Manager 15 x 15
Standard 15 x 10
Small 12 x 10
Workstations Dimensions Quantity Square Feet
Supervisor 9 x 9
Medium 8 x 6
Small 6 x 6
Common Areas Dimensions Quantity Square Feet
Large Reception Area 25 x 15
Small Reception Area 20 x 15
Large Conference Room (seating 12-24) 25 x 15
Medium Conference Room (seating 8-14) 20 x 15
Small Conference Room (seating 4-6) 10 x 10
Training Room 25 x 20
Back Office Areas Dimensions Quantity Square Feet
Kitchen 20 x 15
Small Kitchen 10 x 8
File Room / Library 25 x 15
Copy Room 15 x 10
Telecom Room 10 x 8
Closet 7 x 4
Other x
Net Usable Square Feet
+ Internal Circulation 25%
= Total Usable Area
+ Building R/U Factor 15%
= Estimated Rentable Area